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Stream, Store and Query

The Octops Discover is a full set of components and services that will collect, stream, store and safely serve information about game servers running across your entire gaming infrastructure.

Any application or client that supports HTTP can consume the data served by the Octops Discover API. A flexible filtering mechanism gives to clients the ability to use different types of information from the game server to compose a query.

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Global View

Get an unified view from your game infrastructure running across different Kubernetes clusters, including bare-metal, single and multi cloud.

The Information collected in real time might include fleet details/stats, game server public address (IP and Port), host and domain name, game server state status, number of players, game statistics, region where the match is happening or any other custom information that you need collected, streamed and stored.

Multiples types of applications, clients and services can be connected to the query service and consume data about your game and infrastructure in real time. Matchmakers, smart monitoring tools and data analytics are just a few examples.

Below you can see the Octops Dashboard that shows the information returned by the Octops Discover API. The game owner can have a central and clear view of the whole game servers fleet with detailed information.

*Dashboard that shows multi-cluster information returned by the Discover API Discover Dashboard Discover Dashboard

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Making the information available at one request away. This project has been strongly motivated by the fact that we should be able to find information about our game servers without having to think about that.

It should be as easy opening your browser pointing to a website. No setup burden, not worrying about single or multi-cluster, regions or even different cloud providers

How it works

Check the installation instructions on

The setup is very straightforward and only requires a single agent running within your infrastructure. The Octops Agent will watch and collect game servers and fleets information. This information is then published to the Octops Cloud where it is aggregated and stored.

Clients can consume the aggregated information by requesting the Discover API using any kind of HTTP client, or in any programming language of choice.

Since the Octops Agent keeps watching game servers during all their lifecycle, the information is constantly published and updated in the Octops Cloud. For example, if a player joins or leaves a match; or a game server state changes from Allocated to Shutdown. Another example is when a game server labels is added, updated or deleted using the Agones SDK.

Discover Install and Query *Querying data from the Discover API using filters

Scale and Performance

The Octops Discover has been tested against large gaming infrastructures hosting up to 45K active/concurrent game servers. As an example, when a game server changes its state from Scheduled to Ready or a player joins the game room, that information is collected and published by the Octops Agent. That newly game server information becomes available to clients within seconds.

Real Time Data

Empower multiple areas of your gaming business by consuming the information exposed by a high performance Query Service API and make data-driven decisions that will impact the growth, scalability and operations of your game.

Adoption and Impact

Game developers are not required to use any kind of external library or package. Using the Octops Discover agent within your gaming infrastructure is a seamless experience that adds no overhead to the game operations neither impacts the game server performance.

Operations and Infrastructure

Operations teams can build tools that improve trust, impact cost, reduce overhead and create smarter integrations with existing cloud native tools.

Plug and Play

Clusters are added and removed automatically. It works like a a global game server service discovery.

Use Cases

Matchmaking, LiveOps, data analytics, machine learning, leader boards, game and players stats, autoscaling strategy, cost analysis, monitoring, alerting, third-party integrations, and much more.


Data from game servers running within every single cluster is constantly collected and streamed.


A powerful and distributed event store guarantees consistency and fast read/write operations.


A flexible and high performance query service delivers fast responses to any type of client that speaks HTTP.


The Octops team has also authored many open source projects which will support different aspects of a game lifecycle. The highlights goes to the Game Server Ingress Controller. If you are publishing a game based on websocket, you can automate HTTPS access to your game server and provide a secure and stable connetion to your players.

Gameserver Ingress Controller

Automatic Kubernetes Ingress configuration for gameservers managed by Agones.

Agones Events Broadcaster

Broadcast Agones GameServers or Fleets state events to the external world.

Octops Image Syncer

Watch Fleets and pre-pull images of gameservers on every node running in the cluster.

Agones Broadcaster HTTP

Watch, collect and exposes details about gameservers running within the cluster via an HTTP endpoint and a in memory store.

Agones Relay HTTP

Publish Agones GameServers and Fleets details to HTTP endpoints.

Agones x Open Match

How to implement a matchmaking system using Agones and Open Match.

Native Integration


Host, Run and Scale dedicated game servers on Kubernetes

Automated container deployment, scaling, and management

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